Why our solution?

The simplicity of our system will allow you to gather valuable advice: those of your customers!


Increase your conversion rate

Online Customers need to be reassured before making a purchase. Genuine customer reviews will build confidence rapidly, so providing access to such reviews is the best way to reassure potential customers. A trusted third party partner, who collects, processes and displays reviews for you, guaranteeing their independence, increases the conversion rates up to 20%.


Get more customers thanks to a stronger SEO

Verified-Reviews publishes all reviews and comments in "Google Shopping" and “Google Merchant”. Your ranking will be improved and you will attract new customers.


Increase average basket size

Customers trust also increases average cart value just as it increases the conversion rate. Customers will buy more if they feel reassured and have confidence.


Improve customer satisfaction rate

Know what your customers are saying so you can provide the highest level of customer service. Only a Verified Reviews solution will give you a clear overview of your customer satisfaction rate and online reputation. Customer reviews will drive your business forward for quality in both customer satisfaction and product.

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